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Leighton Meester talks tabloid interpretations of her music + NYLON behind-the-scenes

Speaking to Toronto publication Brandon Sun, Leighton Meester took to task the Taylor Swift treatment gossip blogs had given her music when they speculated which ex-boyfriend may have influenced her songwriting. The lyrics are intentionally vague to be left up to interpretation, and no one song is about a particular experience but rather a culmination of them, she said: "That's sort of what takes a bit of joy out of this process — it's all beautifully positive, but you know for people to focus on that would really be sort of sad, because I think they're missing out on their own experience. That's what those people are built to do and they're going to do it I suppose." Meester went on to say that people making her music a tabloid fodder "reduces it in a way that I don't like [...] sidelining my original actual message or accomplishment." The acting chanteuse also discussed her love for Joni Mitchell growing up ("Those melodies and her voice and her style just sort of seeped in and that was how I thought of music") and being able to relate to Neil Young ("His songwriting, his voice, his simplicity and the access that I feel to him listening, the access to that root and depth").

Full article at the source.


Have you watched LIFE PARTNERS yet? It's so adorable and lovely and everything Hollywood should be doing, tbh!
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