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ONTD Original: 5 Times Nicki Minaj Proved To Be A Treacherous Mess

5 Times Nicki Minaj Proved To Be A Treacherous Mess

Your fave is problematic, yes we know. But just how problematic?
Nicki Minaj's messiness has been bubblin under for awhile now and with that mess of a lyric video she put out last night, the spotlights on her.

Let us review.

Lets start with something smaller,

"Haters You Can Kill Yourself"
She told MTV back in 2010, back when she used to let Teresa Giduce style her lace-fronts, that her gay fans shouldn't kill themselves, quoting her

“I mean I could never imagine what they’re going through,” she continued. “But I know that suicide is never the answer and I know that things always get better. So I’m supporting you guys. I love you very, very much and for the people who don’t love you, they need help.”

But pop music murderer Will.U.Not roped in Nicki for some dumbass song called "Check it Out" & she quips in the song "Haters you can kill yourself"
So if youre gay and you hate Nicki Minaj .. whats she trying to say?\
Not to mention her coming for the trans sistren

Chola Nicki
Is Nicki mexican? Idts but don't let her tell it
This one obv needs no explanation, Nicki decided it'd be a good idea to put on some traditional chola garb for the flop song "Senile", it wasn't, no one said anything for some reason.
Black people arent exempt from wearing offensive shit such as bindis, geisha garb

Geisha Nicki speaks Thai?
Speaking about geishas, in her 2nd real video, "Your Love", Nicki decided to make it, i'm assuming, an "oriental" theme.
Aside from the problematic sexualizing of kimonos and shit she goes
When I was a Geisha he was a Samurai
Somehow I understood him when he spoke Thai

like .... and no one said nothing ..........

Nicki: Black girls nappy-headed hos, leave them chimpanzees with bananas and so on
Nicki did a remix with Kesha & Myah Marie and in the song Nicki refers to the beautiful black women of the world as chimpanzees that we should leave with bananas
and in audio trash "Stupid Hoe" she says refers to black girls as Nappy Headed Hoes
I know Nicki graduated from GagaU so she'll turn a song around & say it's meant to be inspiring like she did with Anaconda but sis no

Nazi Nicki

This shit just came out and its truly truly a mess, there's no defending it and she keeps working with Chris Brown ..., no words tbh besides Buy Broke With Expensive Taste on iTunes now!

Whats your favorite BWET track?
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