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Spurlock Teams Up With Disney To Make Film About Over-Indulged White Girl & Her Colonialist Father

- Summary: In famously racist production company/studio (popularly known has Disney) has decided to team up with "filmmaker" Morgan Spurlock to make a film about modern day colonialism under the guise of a heartwarming father/daughter fairytale.

 - Princess of North Sudan centres on an expedition made in June this year by Jeremiah Heaton, of Abingdon, Virginia, to an 800 square mile patch of land between Egypt and Sudan which is reputed to be the last unclaimed territory on the planet. Planting a flag designed by his children in the ground, Heaton announced the birth of the new nation of North Sudan, where he one day hopes to live with his entire family as royals. It’s unclear whether the film will be a documentary, or will mark Spurlock’s feature debut.

- Critics have accused the American of racism, but Spurlock’s movie is being pitched as a real-life “fairytale” about a father fighting against the odds to fulfil his daughter’s most ardent wish.

Full story at the guardian
Tags: disney, film - in development, film director, i can't, nobody, race / racism, side eyeing you

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