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Avatar The Last Airbender Voice Actors: Where Are They Now?!

I only listed the kid characters, just because!

Zach Tyler Eisen - Aang

Though he did a lot voice work as a child, he's been inactive since 2008 following the end of A:TLA. His social media presence puttered out at the end of 2012, though he's apparently a guitarist in a band and a football player. And quite blonde. He is now studying Public Communications at Syracuse University, and is in a frat.

Mae Whitman - Katara

A seasoned voice actress, appearing in cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (as April O'Neil), Young Justice (as Wonder Girl), American Dragon: Jake Long (as Rose), and video games like Kingdom Hearts 2 (as Yuffie). She has had had on-camera roles in films like Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The Perks of Being A Wallflower, as well as television series such as Parenthood (complete with a zillion hairstyles) and Arrested Development. She also played the part of the crazy wife of a homeless people cult leader on Law and Order: SVU (because it's that kind of show). Is a bisexual butterfly with an on-point eyebrow game.

Jack DeSena - Sokka

An irl funny guy, being a cast member on All That for 5 years. He created a mockumentary web series called Dorm Life, which was was Hulu's most watched web show for a while. Was also starring on Hulu's first scripted series, Battleground, which lasted 13 episodes and flopped.

Dante Basco - Zuko

The only Asian member of the cast until Book 3+ Mako. He has guest starred in a slew of television shows, from CSI: Miami to Moesha, from Entourage to Undressed. You may also remember ha from the classic Robin Williams film Hook (as Rufio). He also used to be a breakdancer before being an actor, showing off his skills in that totally forgotten Antonio Banderas movie where he danced a lot.

Grey DeLisle - Azula

Her voice acting resume is long and incredibly prolific, and she's been in the the faves of many childhoods, like Fairly Oddparents (as Vicky), The Weekenders (as Lor), Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (as Frankie), and is the current voice of Catwoman and Daphne from the Scooby-Doo franchise. She's also a singer with a half dozen albums to her name, and a stand-up comic. Oh, and she's super problematic on tumblr.

Jessie Flower - Toph

Has stuck to voice acting, and since the end of A:TLA, has mostly acted sporadically. Her website has not been active in several years, though she's still appearing at conventions.

Jennie Kwan - Suki

One of the stars of the NBC teen sitcom California Dreams, she was a member of the failed multiethnic girl group Nobody's Angel for a year, before they split up after their debut single dropped. Her return to acting after 8 years was for the role of Suki, and she has since chugged along in various minor roles in television.

Olivia Hack - Ty Lee

Mainly a voice actress, with credits like Hey Arnold (as Rhonda), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (as Katooni) and the English dub of Blood+ (as Mao/Irene), Gilmore Girls fans will also recognize her as Rory's meek and panicky college roommate Tana. She was also Cindy Brady.

Cricket Leigh - Mai

Has not been active in voice work/film/television since 2009, instead focusing on theatre work. She created a one-woman show Constantly Distracted, where she played eight characters from the Midwest who grow up in her Grannie's basement (?), and also created and played the title character in the play CONFETTI BAYOU: The Last Interview with Janis Joplin. Also has a bitchin' name.

Crawford Wilson - Jet

Though mainly a voice actor, the Zac Efron look-alike was also on Judging Amy as the boyfriend of the terrible daughter.
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