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Vikings: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray And DVD Info

Muster your courage for a second riveting journey into the savage world of VIKINGS. Season Two follows the ongoing fortunes of Ragnar, the Norse warrior who has now become a respected leader on and off the battleground. But more power brings an onslaught of deadly threats and impossible choices. As he prepares to cross swords with his own brother Rollo, Ragnar is torn between his wife Lagertha and his lover Princess Aslaug… with his son, Bjorn, now a young man and fierce fighter, caught in the middle. All the while, Ragnar boldly invades the kingdom of England, home to vast treasures and a treacherous king who could pose the ultimate threat.

The three-disc Blu-ray edition of Vikings Season 2 is already available for purchase and it includes all 10 episodes in their unrated form. A total of 16 hours worth of content is exclusive to Blu-ray including alternate and extended scenes.


Vikings Season 2 Blu-ray exclusive extras

  • 10 Unrated episodes that include extended and alternate scenes.

  • The Viking Sagas – An Interactive Archival Exploration of the Viking Sagas. Use the BD remote to select an icon within the Sagas to hear a detailed deconstruction told by Viking historians.

  • A Warrior Society: Rites of Passage – Viking Historians unravel more fascinating mysteries of the Viking culture delving deeper into their rich history revealing the real world practices of the Viking people. Topics for exploration include: Viking Birthing Rituals, the significance of a young man receiving an armring, and the preparation undertaken before a young man or shieldmaiden’s first battle.

  • My Family, My Enemy – Creator Michael Hirst details the story arcs of season two and how compelling stories from history influenced the script, with further insights from the cast members and their roles in this season.

  • Imagining and Executing Climactic Battles – A behind the scenes exploration into every aspect of planning and execution of the key battle sequences, before intricately deconstructing every stage of preparation for the climactic VIKING battles in season 2.

  • Audio Commentary on “Blood Eagle” featuring Michael Hirst and Gustaf Skarsgård (EXTENDED).

  • Audio Commentary on “The Lord’s Prayer” featuring Michael Hirst and Gustaf Skarsgård (EXTENDED).

Blu-ray and DVD shared extras

  • My Family, My Enemy

  • A Warrior Society: Rites of Passage

  • Imagining and Executing Climactic Battles

Source 1 & 2

Season three finished filming about few weeks ago and I need this show to be back on my screen!

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