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ONTD! ORIGINAL: Best Bad Romantic Comedies

So yesterday I re-watched one of my favorite rom-com movies OF ALL TIME (cue Kanye mic steal) and felt compelled to write about how much I loved a movie that was critically panned during its release. Because that's one thing I've definitely noticed about myself in recent years (and oh boy is this going to make me sound like a total snob) but my tastes in music and movies has become a lot more refined as I got older. And when I say refined, I just mean I'm actually able to discern between good or bad, and recognize when I like things that are actually bad.

So while nowadays it's take at least more than a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes to get most of us into a theater, there once was a sillier, more innocent time where all a movie had to do was be something our grandparents wanted to watch, and usually 9 times out of 10 we all loved it.

So this post is an ode to all the rom-coms we still love to watch, regardless of  how bad they really are in hindsight.



The feminist in me would nod her head disapprovingly at this movie's blatant objectification of women and subsequent slut shaming the main character endures for choosing to be objectified ... but the only things 13 year old me comprehended was the disgustingly catchy soundtrack and cliche love story between a hot Australian dude and an innocent small-town gal . Needless to say, I was SOLD. I've probably seen this movie upwards of 50 times, and will still stop doing whatever it is I should be doing to rewatch this movie. How bad is it? It's pretty bad. But Maria Bello as a bad ass bar mom to a bunch of misfit hot bartender chicks! How can you not love it?

Best scene: When Piper Perabo's character magically stops an all out bar riot by singing along to "One way or another" and captivating everyone's attention. Because that would totally happen in real life.



So wait, was this movie actually bad? I know you're sitting there in denial telling yourself this movie was totally. The. Best. Thing. Ever, but sadly no, this movie was also pretty ridiculous. It did however, make me really like Reese Witherspoon, while giving me a childish understanding of what it means to separate/get divorced/get back together. But that scene where Reese Witherspoon's character is talking to her dead dog's grave ... that's probably the saddest and most emotional part of the movie. Cause who cares about actual people?

Best scene: When she doesn't sign the divorce papers! Poor Patrick Dempsey, the perfect young, gorgeous, jilted Nice Guy™ but he totally reacts in the most realistic way possible, am I right? Also, there is apparently an alternate ending on Youtube where Melanie plays dead at her would-be reception to Patrick Dempsey's character ...

Yeah, I thought the same thing.



Did you know this movie only got a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and was critically panned by nearly all mainstream critics? Who would've known! I was too busy falling in love with Matthew McConaughey before he decided to become a good actor. (On a separate note, can we please talk about how hard it is to spell this fool's goddamn name?! At least Chiwetel Ejiofor name is phonetic!)

Jennifer Lopez unfortunately has yet to overcome her romantic comedy shadow by transcending into better films, unlike her costar. This movie brought adultery to new, romantic heights, and also encouraged us to waste perfectly good M&Ms for one of the stupidest reasons imaginable. But what it did do, was give us this gem of a gif that tumblr girls around the world love to reblog:


Because we're all just perfectionist, type-A personalities looking for someone to love us.

Best scene: The statue penis scene! Cause nothing says I love you like helping you glue a Greek god penis back to his body. Really, all this movie did was convince Americans how much they love Matthew McConahooey's slow, unnatural southern drawl, which would encourage him to go on and make several more bad romantic comedies until he revealed he was indeed talented. And really, that's just McConananay's way of teaching us life's most valuable lesson: set everyone's expectations low so that when you finally break out of your cocoon and become a beautiful Butterfree, people will love you and you will win an Oscar. Take notes Leo.


Okay, yeah this movie might not have been as critically panned as some of the others included in this list, but not only did Roger Ebert give it 1.5/4 stars, it also encouraged us to leave long term relationships with significant others in favor of pursuing complete strangers we met one time, 8 years ago. But don't worry, it only sounds bad, because in this movie, being a unhealthily preoccupied with a stranger rather than boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance you've spent a significant amount of time with doesn't make you an asshole, it makes you a romantic. Thanks for that, pre-Entourage Jeremy Piven.

Best scene: Of course John Mayer would be used to score this so-not-pretentious encounter between two strangers in New York. I hope I don't sound bitter. Either way, the chemistry between Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack is undeniably adorable. And I won't lie, this movie also solidified my adolescent love for John Cusack (that didn't really go past this movie, but I doesn't make my love any less legitimate!). While all the movies in this list set pretty outrageous and of course unrealistic expectations about life, this one really takes the cake when it comes to "Fate" bringing people together and what it means to follow your heart. And as far as near-miss encounters, this movie handles that a lot better than most Korean dramas. But then again that's not really saying much.

Have other bad romcoms that you shamelessly love? Add them in the comments section!

Sources are YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Images, tumblr, and me! agirlnamed_aly

Sorry mods, I didn't mean to hotlink some of the pictures, I had linked them back to tumblr, but I removed them now!

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