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Demi Lovato How She's Helping Empower Women+ new video

talks about body image & eating disorders and how there's no right or wrong body shape & that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.
Also talks about her photoshoot & how she wants to be a role model for the younger generation. She wants to be honest
with her fans & how people need to realize that
celebrities are humans too and that they have flaws just like us. she believes
everything happens for a reason and that she controls what she does and what decisions she has in terms of her carreer.

talks about going to Europe to join on tour with Enrique Iglesias & how she's excited about going to different places
also talks about her fans from all over the world and working on new music for 2015. she also talks about how her songs
is basically what she stands for and if some bigger celeb wants to sing with her & it's not the type of message she stands for
she'll turn down the song because she doesn't want to sell out.


@ddlovato: Another sneak peek for you guys! I’m wearing what I want, when I want!! Thanks @Tampax Radiant – awesome photo shoot with an amazing team #BeRadiant #spon

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