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ONTD ORIGINAL: Oprah's Favorite Things - Student Loans Edition

1.) The Perfect Selfie

Oprah's pick is the Samsung NX Mini Camera with a flip-up LCD screen that makes it easy to take the perfect selfie. Don't have $450 lying around? No worries, you can still impress your 15 instagram followers by working those angles with the UFCIT Extendable Selfie Stick ! Kylie Jenner who?

2. For Relaxing Times

Life as a student loans slave is anything but relaxing. The constant worrying about whether you will ever pay off the unbelievable amount of debt your degree got you in without pulling a Belle Knox is enough to cause a daily pre-quater life crisis. Oprah to the rescue! Her Teavana Oprah Chai tea set comes with a tea maker, two glasses and her own personal Chai Tea. The price tag, however, isn't for everyone so you might be better off with a box of the iconic Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea. If it's good enough for Coco Peru, it's good enough for yo' broke ass.

3. Body language

"What could be better than the gift of non-ashy skin?" Couldn't have said it better myself! Just because you're living on Soup for Sluts doesn't mean you can't have silky soft skin. Rise from the ashes with Oprah's Body Butter Trio or try Coconut oil : the budget friendly all-rounder that can be used for cooking, moisturizing, conditioning, as a lash growth serum, to kill yeast infections and 105 other things .

4. Face Off

Now that your body is all oiled up it's time to take care of that pretty little noggin' of yours. Moisturizer is one of those things where there really is no one size fits all solution, what gets Oprah "absolutely luminous results" might leave you looking like pre-Proactiv Katy Perry and a whopping $78 dollars poorer. A more affordable and generally well-received option is Aveeno's Positively Radiant Moisturiser. Check Reddit's Skincare Addiction blog to find the right shit for your skin.

5. In Jesse Spano's shoes

Caffeine is an essential part of every student loan slave's life. How else are you going to pull an all nighter to finish all those papers that your fucking nuts professors dumped on you last minute? Oprah likes to keep herself and her guests alert by chugging whatever the VertuoLine Single Serve Brewer spews out. For those of us who are scrambling to make rent this month a Bodum French Press might be a better option. It's a little bit more work than just popping in a coffee pod and hoping George Clooney will magically appear by the time your coffee is done, but beggars can't be choosers and plunging that thing will probably be the only excercise you get today so go for it, sistren!

6. Eye catcher

Everybody is about groomed brows these days and with good reason! A good brow can take your face to the next level, lending balance and symmetry. Right now everybody (including Oprah) is riding Anastasia's dick but if you are a little too cheap to spend $40 on something that only makes up like 1/8 of your face, the Elf Brow Kit is a great alternative to up your brow game.

7. Ear worm

Beats are a prime example of how far good marketing and celebrity support can get a mediocre product. If you are all about that bass (oh, yes I went there) but not about that ridic price tag, the Sennheiser HD201 are an amazing pair of budget headphones that will let you blast 1989 in style. If you want to be extra festive you can even spray paint them gold. For those of you who prefer in ears to headphones I have the Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones for the Broke Bitch friendly price of $7.88.

8. I've been busy taking care of bitches all fucking day

Sometimes after a long hard day of being broke you just want to do something nice for yourself and light a scented candle to cover the smell of disappointment and broken dreams in your apartment (or your parents basement). Your girl Oprah has Lafco candles ALL over her mansions but since we are not the kind of people who can spend 240 fucking dollars on goddamn CANDLES, I recommend Hanna's Candles. They come in regular scents and "fun" scents like Jolly Ranchers and Hershey's but the upside is that you can purchase them online and won't have to deal with Jen from the Appleton store.

ONTD, what are your favorite budget friendly products?

Mods, this is an original post! Sources are spread throughout the post; English isn't my first language so please excuse grammatical/spelling errors
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