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Miles Teller to star in Marc Webb's next indie film, Interview

Miles Teller is in talks to star in Marc Webb's next indie film "The Only Living Boy in New York". The film is about how a young man tries to stop his overbearing father from having an affair, but he becomes involved with the woman as well.

This will be Marc Webb's first non-blockbuster film since (500) Days of Summer. Miles Teller can recently be seen in Whiplash, and will be seen in Insurgent and Fantastic Four next year.

"Whiplash" director Damien Chazelle told me that when he first met you, you were "the polar opposite" of the role, talking about drinking with your friends. But he realized that underneath, you share Andrew's drive.
It's a side of me that very few people do see. I guess it comes through in a performance like this. Even when I was filming the movie, the buddies I was living with, when they saw it, were like, "I had no idea you were doing that, you were killing yourself for it." I've always had that balance. I was the guy that in high school, me and my buddies threw the parties. We put a keg in the woods and got people to come. But I was also getting straight A's.

You recently caused a little storm when you suggested you did "Divergent" for "business reasons," after which you issued a statement saying you were proud to be a part of the franchise.
If people really want to do the research, for "Whiplash" you make $7,000. For "Spectacular Now," you make $7,000. For "Rabbit Hole," you make $4,000. Studios don't make dramas. So if an actor wants to satisfy themselves, they're really not going to make any kind of money most of the time. That's why there's an allure of the studio films because you can drive a car if you do some. But I would never do a movie just for a paycheck. If Shailene was not in the movie, if Kate Winslet was not in that movie, if Neil Burger wasn't directing it, I wouldn't. Because I've been offered a lot of money to be in bad scripts.

You have scars on your face from a bad car crash when you were 20. How did that go over in early auditions?
The casting director would tell my agent, "Miles is a really good actor, but it doesn't make sense for his character to have these scars." I kept getting that feedback over and over again. There was a point where I was like, "Is something as superficial as having scars on my face really going to inhibit me from playing these characters?" I thought something I loved so much was not in my control anymore.

Don't you feel like you've broken through?
Well, almost. At the end of the day, I just feel like I want to be a step ahead of ... not the critics, the perception. I have a pretty wide taste. I'm doing a musical with Damien, his next film. It's literally a song-and-dance, Gene Kelly kind of thing. And also, I want to shoot somebody. That's the only thing I haven't done, that kind of an action thing. Right off the bat, I'm trying to show I can do all this stuff.

source: variety, newsday - rewritten by me
he addresses the divergent controversy + his scar 
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