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Kendrick Lamar - i (Official Video)

Out now on iTunes & Spotify

K Dot also made the NYC radio rounds.

Cliffs: Typical Ebro and Rosenberg nuthugging while simutaneously trying to stir up shit. New album is more raw and a mix of three sounds he grew up on morphed into his own brand of hip hop. Has tracks with Dr. Dre and NuBlack Pharrell but not sure if they'll make the album. Mostly working with in house TDE crew. Says Wacklemore sharing Grammy text was "uncalled for"

Cliffs: "i" written for the "homies that’s in the penitentiary" and "kids that come up to my show with these slashes on their wrists saying they don’t want to live no more." Not interested in chasing fame or dating celebrities. Wants people to move on from Wheelchair Jimmy's one sided beef. Album has no title or release date and still in the middle of being worked on.

That's all you're getting from me, watch the full interviews lazies.

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Tags: black celebrities, interview, kendrick lamar, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), music video

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