Queen B (blairwaldorf) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen B

Beyonce's Sister probably not invited to the Melbourne Cup next year

Beyonce's sister (aka Solange Knowles) was invited to Melbourne Cup by some coffee company that I think was Lavazza, but she wouldn't hold the cup for promotional purposes so for all anyone knows they make cars or shoes or walls. Beyonce's sister showed up an hour and a half late because she couldn't find an outfit that was monochrome enough (black and white is a difficult combination) and did not allow questions about Beyonce or family issues or elevators so they really had nothing to talk about.

After arriving two hours late for her DJ set afterwards, she gave up after twenty minutes, presumably because she didn't have enough caffeine.

This is her not holding a coffee cup in an unflattering outfit it took her an hour and a half to put on.

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Original source. I paraphrased.
Tags: beyoncé, music / musician

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