Ana (snowweisz) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

ONTD Original: 12 delightful celebrity bulges

Because I promised, and I’m a lady who keeps her word I give you all my first ONTD Original.

Although none have the quality of the Jon Hamm, I compiled for you all this list of note worthy bulges (in no particular order). Mostly as a response to that flop MTV UK list of “hot” men.
Rejoice, ONTD!

Henry Cavill
I ain’t no fan but that’s one Superbulge

Chris Evans
You will not believe the amount of fake nude manips I had to go through for this one picture

Zac Efron
I wanted a clever High School Musical quote here but idk HSM that well lol

Zachary Quinto
Them new frontiers, man

Jared Leto
Him grabbing it every time he sings doesn’t make it any less impressive lbr

Taylor Hanson
MMMBopin because I’m a stan and gotta represent

Idris Elba

Cristiano Ronaldo

Kellan Lutz

Nick Jonas
I tried to resist including him but wtf i can’t deny that

Ricky Martin

Michael Fassbender

And an honorary mention to the one and only:
Jon Hamm

Now ONTD, share your favs with the community pls & tyfyt
Tags: chris evans, hanson, henry cavill, idris elba, jared leto / 30stm, jon hamm, jonas brothers, michael fassbender, ontd original, ricky martin, zac efron, zachary quinto

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