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Jennifer Connelly + Paul Bettany at the Artwalk in NYC

 photo topper_zps07565fc0.jpg

Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany were photographed attending the 20th Annual Artwalk to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless in NYC on Thursday 30 October. Jennifer, who was dressed in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton, and Paul were honorees at the event, where they spoke to highlight the vast scale of homelessness in New York and address their experience of making the drama Shelter. Outside the event they were photographed with 'Radioman', a personality known for his film cameos and celebrity encounters.

Also included below are three modelling shots by Jade Albert of a 12-year-old Jennifer, who started out her career working as a child model.

These photos raise so many questions ... the most pressing being why Jennifer would wear a jacket that appears to be trying to strangle her.

Source 1/2/3

 photo tumblr_necav7VM5a1seb50go1_500_zps8a452db4.jpg

 photo JenniferConnelly20thAnnualArtwalkNYZKPZ_hmyY4Tx_zpsfeab3c28.jpg
 photo JenniferConnelly20thAnnualArtwalkNYI9D-N0Yq-vsx_zps1afa4e6d.jpg
 photo JenniferConnellyPaulBettanySpottedOutH2OX2AqtQSwx_zpsb77e01b1.jpg photo JenniferConnelly20thAnnualArtwalkNYL-8j6IRFfyfx_zps6cd449f7.jpg
 photo JenniferConnelly20thAnnualArtwalkNYNu8XOO9bxeqx_zpse55a01c2.jpg
 photo JenniferConnelly20thAnnualArtwalkNYGMoFKsqpHPux_zps902a33b9.jpg
 photo JadeAlbert1983_zps39e2a38d.jpg
 photo jadealbert19833_zpsa7c1c8b0.jpg
 photo JadeAlbert19832_zps98ce41fc.jpg
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