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Borat honoured in Germany

By Scott Roxborough

COLOGNE, Germany (Hollywood Reporter) - He might be persona non grata in Kazakhstan, but Borat -- the crazed Central Asian TV reporter created by comic Sacha Baron Cohen -- is a hero to the German comedy scene.

Baron Cohen, in his Borat guise, won the best international comedian prize at the sixth annual German Comedy Awards on Friday in Cologne.

"Good evening gentlemen and prostitutes," Baron Cohen said to the crowd. "I love Germany. I love sex."

With his misogynistic and racist comments, Borat has been a source of controversy -- both in Kazakhstan and in the U.S.

"Most German comedy is fairly tame in comparison, and there was some worry that people would be offended," said Holger Hoffmann, executive producer of the awards show. "But we held out. For German comedians, Borat is a revelation. It actually transcends comedy to become social and political commentary."

Baron Cohen, whose theatrical feature "Borat" opens in Germany November 2, certainly didn't clean up his act for the awards ceremony.

"I will put this prize next to the only other one I won," Baron Cohen said. "From Central Asian Olympic Committee. For hitting gypsy with rock at 50 meters."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

source: Reuters

borat, i want to commit sex crime with you
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