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Thor does stuff

Anytime Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth (one of Marvel's Chrisfecta but also known as the Home and Away actor who took an impressive turn at channel seven's Dancing with the Stars) returns to his motherland, more specifically, Melbourne, he heads down to his old stomping grounds of Phillip Island for a surf. While he currently wields the mighty Mjolnir as Thor, the Australian actor regularly craves the feel of Cape Woolamai sand beneath his feet.

Hemsworth attended today's Derby Day proceedings as a guest of Johnny Walker. And has also recently spoken to Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop in regards to the Australian Childhood Foundations Not Another Child program. Both he and his brother, Liam Hemsworth (Simple Bae), are ambassadors of the program.

Article How Chris Hemsworth blazed a trail from H&A to Hollywood.
Article and Pics from Derby Day Chris Hemsworth handsome in a three piece charcoal suit.

ONTD's Australian correspondant reporting for duty.
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