From the mouths of trust fund babes (lickmypucci) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
From the mouths of trust fund babes

The new Nicky Hilton?

Posh Beckham is taking over the world. From Paris (above) to Tokyo (below) she's spreading her fashion message. She was in Tokyo yesterday promoting her new jewelry line and also talking about her new fashion website where women and fans can buy everything Posh from jeans to jewelry. The site is called and will launch on October 30th to coincide with her new book. She is also in talks with American Idol producer, Simon Fuller, to judge a fashion-type show for the US.

Since Posh is keeping busy, she says that she's done delivering babies.

"I would love to have more children, maybe not for a year or so because I'm enjoying the three I've got - and it's hard work."

Her doctor also probably told her she couldn't have anymore tummy tucks. Please tell me she's not going to adopt an African baby!

source: dlisted

Just based on the picture behind her, that handbag looks like an awful knockoff of Lana Marks.

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