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Megan Fox wants to play Poison Ivy or Red Sonja

In a Chinese press tour interview, comic book nerd and native tiger Megan Fox was asked "If you could play any super hero, who would you choose?"

Megan said: "To play any superhero? Poison Ivy. ...or Red Sonja, if I'm just gonna jump on the red hair thing."

William Fichtner answered that he would play Superman, and also didn't know who Poison Ivy was.

Other interesting points:
- Megan also said she would like to voice an animated character, and that she can't control her image but has no problem with her sex symbol status.
- She did her best as April O'Neill, but recognizes that not everyone will be happy with the work you do, and that's something you have to accept as an actor.
- She thinks Michael Bay would place her in his list of his top 5 favorite people
- Her new movie with James Franco may or may not be a comedy. "I don't know what goes on in the mind of James Franco."
- William Fichtner also answered questions at some point, idk I wasn't really paying attention to those parts.

Full interview video HERE
Image source
Commentary is mine

ONTD, which superhero would you play?
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