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Second series for 'Make Me A Supermodel'

Friday, June 23 2006, 11:59 BST - by Susanna Regan

Channel Five's popular series Make Me A Supermodel is to return in the autumn, with an extended run and additional features.

The show follows a nationwide search to discover the next big thing, with a shortlist of contestants competing for a modelling contract with UK agency Select.

The agency's managing director, Tandy Anderson, said of the show: "It's an incredible opportunity for young people with great potential to get invaluable guidance from
some major figures in the industry and to demonstrate their potential to the British public."

A panel of experts will mentor the potential models, and this time viewers will also be able to vote for the candidate they want to win. This series will also feature both girls and boys.

Anderson added: "Last year we found some remarkable girls, including winner Alice Sinclair, and I'm sure that we'll find fresh new talent in this year's competition. I can't wait to get started on this hugely exciting journey."

The show will run for six weeks, with cameras recording every moment of the potential models' experiences living together under the same roof, and each week contestants up for elimination will have to compete in a live runway walk-off.

Additional coverage will air on Five's new digital channel Five Life.

This show not only has female models, but male models competing too. I wish someone would upload the videos on youtube so I could watch it too. :'(

More info:http://www.five.tv/programmes/makemeasupermodel2/
Lol I just posted the story so I could post the pics.
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