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ONTD Original: ASTROLOGY POST!! Can the stars solve the Timberbiel mystery & explain their love?

They always seemed like an odd pairing and we all know the rumormill works overtime trying to figure out their relationship, but what else could there be that we don’t see?

Any relationship between an Aquarius and Pisces seems like a disaster, and really, why wouldn’t it be? Solar Aquarians are the embodiment of emotional disconnection and Pisces is the embodiment of emotional connection. Aquarius just wants to stay up all night hanging out and talking about all their ideas and ideals, and connecting to someone’s mind; whereas Pisces wants to stay up all night living out their fantasies and daydreams which range from nice to naughty (maybe a slow dance under the stars or getting tied up and taken over) and really submit to someone that makes them feel safe. It’s not all bad though, both Aquarius and Pisces are “collective” signs, with Aquarius focused on the social and intellectual aspects of society; how can we all use our special talents that allow us to be individuals in a way that contributes to making society a better whole? Pisces is focused on the emotional and spiritual aspects of society; how can we use our bond of shared emotions to connect society through empathy and compassion? While their sun signs don’t paint the picture of compatibility, when held against their other planets, a much more favorable picture begins to open up.

Despite her Pisces sun, Jessica is actually much more of a laid back intellectual than an emotional rollercoaster. With her moon in Gemini and Mercury in Aquarius forming a grand air trine with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Libra (all 3 of which are retrograde), we begin to see that she is actually a rational, social, and cheery busybody. The moon in Gemini is instinctively a thinker. When something happens, Moon in Gemini goes to work assessing and analyzing everything, and as an air sign, it’s duality allows it to understand two, three, four, five sides of an argument at a time and change it’s viewpoint to any one of those sides at the flip of a switch. Lunar Gemini’s don’t have a lot of emotional attachments to things, which makes it easy to change direction in a moment's notice. More importantly, this grand trine creates someone who likes to hang out and be around people, as air signs do, but with her Pisces sun, which is prone to “dark periods”, she may fall into long bouts of sadness and loneliness when her airy side is not being socially and intellectually stimulated.

Jessica’s Mars is a big factor. Her Mars is in its detriment in Libra. And it’s retrograde. This creates a problem for Mars, because it’s our warrior. It goes up to bat for us, motivates us, and is the one planet that is always looking out for our best interests, but in the relationship oriented Libra, it is in the sign that least allows it to accomplish what it needs to because Libra is always thinking about how to make other people happy; therefore, when Mars is there, that becomes it’s ambition as well. In retrograde, Mars feel stalled, like the things it does try to accomplish are always held up or don’t factor into the big picture as much as one would like. To me, this placement is particularly telling into why Jessica would marry Justin, as well as to why her career seems to have suffered a lull since their union. Mars is retrograde in her 10th house of career, so efforts in that area will be hard to get going or hard to keep going. It feels natural for Mars in Libra to mend their ambitions to another person, and could carry a feeling of stagnation in relationships due to retrograde that makes marriage, regardless of the quality, feel like a step forward when Mars retrograde in Libra normally feels stuck at square one.

I think it would be fair to say that J.T. takes advantage of Jessica’s amiability. His moon in Sagittarius, while incredibly open minded and full of adventurous ideas, also carries the burden of being staunchly independent and at worse, self-righteous at annoying levels. It’s working in tandem with his Aquarius sun, which values unique and progressive ideas, to come up with ways to be different, but still fit in; to be wildly creative, but appeal to the masses, and when you add in his Leo rising, it gives him great showmanship and draws people into him and his expression… BUT, all three of these positions are more self-centric than considerate towards others. Jessica feels comfortable mending towards his needs, not only because of Mars, but also because of the grand air trine that really wants to be present socially and “fit in” with the people in her environment and makes her more likely to go along with other peoples ideas and plans. However, let's not get it twisted, this isn't a "pushover" pattern by any means. Air signs are intellectual, curious, and observant, and aren't afraid to push a little friendly debate if they feel like it. J.T.'s competitive fire side (Moon in Sag, Leo rising) appreciates the challenge.

With Jessica’s Mars in Libra, in the 10th house of career, we see how work and career will always be an acceptable and valid excuse for J.T. to take leave from her, and with his sun in his 6th house of work and productivity, he also feels best when he is busy and being productive. Jessica has her Mercury in Aquarius, which matches up well with J.T.’s sun in Aquarius because the sun is our outer expression and Mercury is like our data collector, it’s taking in all the information of what happens to us and coordinating it with our other planets. So his expression of things is easily perceived by her Mercury because they share the same sign, Aquarius. This works both ways because J.T.’s Mercury is on the Pisces cusp, which allows him to also have a good perception of Jessica’s Solar-Pisces expression. I’d assume from the Sun/Mercury matchup that they have good verbal and nonverbal communication and a stronger understanding of one another’s behavior than is apparent to the naked eye.

J.T.’s Venus, aka the planet of ~love, is firmly planted in Capricorn. Venus does not feel comfortable here at all, because Capricorn is not a good sign for expressing love. As an Earth sign, Capricorn is concerned with the physical manifestation of our lives and what the things we have or the people we choose say about us to society. It’s sorta the ultimate placement for marrying for status, following the traditional rules, buying things and associating with certain people because it will look respectable to do so. Jessica’s Venus is on the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp. Since there is no set boundary in the sky where one sign turns into another, any planet that is on a cusp tends to pull towards one or the other depending on the other influences in the chart. Since Jessica has a grand trine in air signs, I would assume that Venus in her chart does pull more to Aquarius. This is really good for J.T. because Venus in Aquarius doesn’t need a lot in love. The Venusian Aquarius is more about being stimulated in their mind, having someone who respects their individuality and being really emotionally connected isn’t the main concern for Venus in this sign. Luckily, even though I assume Venus pulls more towards Aquarius, it is still close enough to Capricorn to also see the value in love’s physical manifestation. This position makes it easy for her Venus to be on the same page as J.T.’s while also having a strong connection to his Sun and Mars in Aquarius.

Ultimately, I think they’re a surprisingly good pairing. From the outside, it definitely can look like J.T. doesn’t seem invested, and I would say that a big part of it for him is that with Venus in Capricorn, marriage is “what you do” kind of mentality, but he found a good match for himself by choosing Jessica. She has the naive and innocent vibe from her Piscean Sun, but ultimately, her sun is odd-planet-out. The impact of most of her planets being in air signs, matched with the ever-chill and independent Sagittarius rising, she’s much more of a ~go with the flow~ person who can fit in well amongst groups of friends, adjusts well to new people and places, but also has a strong independent nature with a passive but witty and direct intellectual side. As much as we want to try to throw J.T. under the bus for his otherwise cold personification of their relationship, I think the ball is in both courts on that one.

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