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Who Should Star in the Upcoming Suicide Squad Film?

(from House of Geekery) "DC have announced a couple of new movies. More than a couple – 10 to be released over the next five years including a new Batman, a reboot for Green Lantern and a new Flash (although the pilot of the TV show only aired this past week). Up for release next year following Batman vs Superman is the anti-hero team of convicts and killers called Suicide Squad. Having already featured in Arrow, they’re a team on dangerous inmates recruited to pull of black-ops missions for the US government with the promise of a reduced sentence. The team is 100% expendable, and may be incapable of working together, but they’re kept in line through the explosive wired into their spine. The comic has been getting published for decades with a rotating roster of characters (it’s sudden green light likely a response to Guardians of the Galaxy), so we’re going to look at the likely candidates for a movie."

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some more at the source
Tags: amber heard, black celebrities, comic books, jeffrey dean morgan, mickey rourke
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