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Who Should Star in the Upcoming Suicide Squad Film?

(from House of Geekery) "DC have announced a couple of new movies. More than a couple – 10 to be released over the next five years including a new Batman, a reboot for Green Lantern and a new Flash (although the pilot of the TV show only aired this past week). Up for release next year following Batman vs Superman is the anti-hero team of convicts and killers called Suicide Squad. Having already featured in Arrow, they’re a team on dangerous inmates recruited to pull of black-ops missions for the US government with the promise of a reduced sentence. The team is 100% expendable, and may be incapable of working together, but they’re kept in line through the explosive wired into their spine. The comic has been getting published for decades with a rotating roster of characters (it’s sudden green light likely a response to Guardians of the Galaxy), so we’re going to look at the likely candidates for a movie."



Timothy Olyphant as Deadshot

I’m a big fan of Timothy Olyphant. He, who admitted to dabbling in stand up comedy before turning to acting, found a knack for playing silver tongued antagonists in movies such as Gone in 60 Seconds, Go, and The Girl Next Door. He had a bad boy charm, a great grasp of the English language, and an imposing enough stature to back up his motor mouth. It wasn’t until his two gunslinging protagonists that I realized how much more range he had. Those roles were of course Bullock of the ill-fated but much praised HBO drama,Deadwood, and the US Marshall with a dry-wit and Eastwood mumble, Raylen Givens, of Justified, He has a real knack for finding himself in a whole lot of trouble, throwing everyone off with some acerbic insults, and then blasting his way out. Kind of sounds like Deadshot in a nutshell, at least the awesome “Secret Six” version


Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Killer Frost

Gugu is a hugely talented up-and-comer who has been making waves on the indie scene and a big film like this is just what she needs. Plus, her stunning beauty and powerful presence would be perfect for the villainous Killer Frost.


Pam Grier as Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller is a hardass government official who is the behind-the-scenes puppeteer of the group. For this role you need a female who is obviously the head honcho and who better than the fabulous and fierce Pam Grier, especially since she’s already portrayed Waller on Smallville.


Ben Foster as Tattooed Man

Abel was a sailor and a primary nemesis of the Green Lantern who was exposed to enhanced chemicals that allowed him to create images just by using them.  He tattooed the chemicals to himself and can now use them to manipulate weaponry such as swords and axes as well as a dragon and whatever else he tattooed to his body.  Ben Foster is known for taking on mysterious roles with a hellacious edge and Abel Tarrant seems like a good match for his acting abilities.  He often loses himself in these sorts of roles and could make an incredibly dangerous and potent addition to The Suicide Squad both in the character and in the talent behind him.


Juno Temple as Harley Quinn

Teeny tiny Temple is adorable, sassy and always looks like she’s up to no good, which would make her perfect for the crazy yet lovable Harley. She’s also extremely talented and could bring out the nuances of the characters perfectly

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