Taylor Swift Embraces Pop on '1989': Album Review

According to this review done by the New York Times:

► It was natural to assume she'd eventually move on from country to pop.

► Says album is "full of expertly constructed, slightly neutered songs about heartbreak."

► "But there is an implicit enemy on this breezily effective album: the rest of mainstream pop, which “1989” has almost nothing in common with. Modern pop stars — white pop stars, that is — mainly get there by emulating black music. Think of Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber. In the current ecosystem, Katy Perry is probably the pop star least reliant on hip-hop and R&B to make her sound, but her biggest recent hit featured the rapper Juicy J; she’s not immune." (YOU BETTA STAN JON CARAMANICIA, ONTD)

► "There is no production by Diplo or Mike Will Made-It here, no guest verse by Drake or Pitbull. Her idea of pop music harks back to a period — the mid-1980s — when pop was less overtly hybrid."

► Believes Ms. Swift stands apart and above the current pop movement.

► Analyzes some of her lyrics; calls Swift "savage, wry and pointed," and says she uses her voice in more different ways than ever before, especially on Wildest Dreams.

► Stans the production on Out of the Woods and I Wish You Would. Thinks "Blank Space" is Taylor at her peak. Calls "Style" the high mark of the album.


What are your surprise favs on the album, ONTD?