Songs From Your Pop Faves That Should've been Singles... many times has a favorite song of yours come up on a playlist and you say to yourself damn, this should've been a single! Since it would be damn near impossible to list all of those songs, this is a just brief list consisting of what should've singles from these artists latest albums. And since the good sis Rihanna is finally about to release new music, lets start the list with her. David Guetta's Right Now should've never been a single, let alone a most fans agree that Jump should've been a single in it's place. It's superior in every way and def would've done better on the charts.

Sigh. Mimi had so many good songs on The Elusive Chanteuse, so it's really sad to see the way this whole era has gone. There were also a lot of options for singles, but it looks like we probably won't be getting anymore at this point. Either way, Make It Look Good would've been a great choice.

lol this performance

While the only people checking for Lady Gaga these days are the 65 and older crowd, Sexxx Dreams was one of the few good songs on the disaster that was ArtPop. Sad it never got a chance to shine.

Now cultural appropriation kween Katy Perry's latest single This Is How We Do was a bit of a flop, but Legendary Lovers may have fared a's the only memorable song from Prism, lbr.

I choose this last one as a kind of throwback. While Bionic in general was all over the place, it still had some really good tracks on it. Xtina's collab with M.I.A. was everything, with a sound ahead of it's time tbh. It would've def been a better single choice, than say, Not Myself Tonight.

Honorable mentions: Mine (Beyonce and Drake) and Givin Em What They Love (Janelle Monae and Prince)...cuz reasons.

source: youtube and my sad attempt at writing.

lol i can't believe i actually did an ontd!original...i usually skip them, oop. pls don't judge me. anyways, what are some of the songs that you wish your faves had released, ontd?