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School Shooting in Seattle Area Leaves 2 Dead, Including Shooter

Terror seized a school campus this morning when at 10:45 AM, a lone gunman opened fire at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington State, shooting 5 students and killing 1 before turning the gun on himself. Of the 4 injured students, 3 are in critical condition.

Students initially believed the incident to be a fire drill until teachers herded students into classrooms due to the gunfire. The shooting began in the cafeteria. According to witnesses, the shooter was allegedly angry that a girl wouldn't go out with him. The girl in question was among those shot. However, the motive has not been officially confirmed. The scene was "pandemonium", according to The Seattle Times, as students scrambled to doors and over fences to escape.

The gunman, who was a student at the school, has not had his identity released at this time.

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edit: Title has been edited as the story develops.
edit 2: More info added to the content of the post.
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