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GLAAD Writer Says Gay Rights Warrior Ariana Grande Leaving Catholic Church Should be "Wake Up" Call

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In a commentary posted on GLAAD's website, director of news Ross Murray (who is also a Christian) writes that our own pop queen Ariana Grande breaking from the Roman Catholic Chuch over its rejection of gay people should serve as a "wake up call" to faith leaders that they were driving young people away over the "lie" that God didn't love them
"I wish I could say that this story is rare, but it’s not," Murray writes. "Just a few years ago, actress Anne Hathaway shared a similar story. And it happens countless times to families around the world. Parents, siblings, friends, and family often are faced with the choice between standing with a loved one or believing that they God they have come to know has run out of love for them. It’s an epidemic, and it needs to stop."

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Bless her ever-loving light

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