Twiggy: "Obesity is a Tragedy"

The former supermodel is disgusted by obesity, especially when it comes to the people of her native homeland Great Britain.  Twiggy implores them to change their diets.  She is quoted as saying: “I feel strongly that you are what you eat and I do think the obesity problem is a tragedy,” she tells Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

“They say that what happens in America comes here ten years later and it has. I think it’s a lot to do with fast food and how easy it is to buy it. I know people have financial problems sometimes but if one can buy good food and cook it they’ll find it doesn’t always cost more. But it’s whether people have got the inclination or the time. It’s so much easier to buy rubbish. I find that really upsetting actually."

She also doesn't approve of children drinking soda and claims that her philosophy is 'everything in moderation'.

“I don’t believe in dieting, though. It’s so boring.”

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