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Forget the Boys: 5 Underrated Girl Group Songs

Destiny's Child - Get On The Bus

Available only on the Why Do Fools Fall in Love Soundtrack, most fans missed the chance to listen to this gem. Produced by Timbaland and co-written by Missy E., this bop is among DC's top female empowerment songs of not taking shit from any scrubs in your life. Aaliyah taught them the choreography for this vid, but lazy videographers deprived us of a behind the scenes view.

Spice Girls - 2 Become 1 (Orchestral Version)

Included in the single for the original 2 Become 1, this version's use of live instruments transcends the 90's sound the group is known for. The orchestral version of Too Much is also on the same level.

Salt n' Pepa - Ain't Nuthin But a She-Thing

Just as relevant then as it is today (unfortunately), SnP takes us to church on sexism, pay inequality and self-empowerment. An equally raw video adds to its message. If only Becky Azalea could learn to go hard like this.

Nobody's Angel - Boom Boom

Nobody's Angel's career lasted about as long as that inflated chair.  But the girls landed a great harmony and melody with this song.

Nina Sky - Stoners

Remember when Nina Sky looked like this?

Wellllll a lot has changed since then.

Nicole is out/married, they've had a massive style overhaul and they have an upcoming album that Kelly Rowland helped with.
Source Links Available By Clicking The Videos, Commentary By Yours Truly

Post your faves as well!
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