ONTD Original: 5 Times J.Lo Proved To Be A Fraudulent Mess

ONTD Original: 5 Times J.Lo Proved To Be A Fraud

Jennifer Lopez is an industry vet, accomplished singer, performer, fashion designer, girlfriend, actress(?), model, philantropist and so on. But as the saying goes, you might have to step on a couple of stilletos to get to the top.

Let's review

"Play" was a modest hit I guess, a cute little song written by Christina Milian
Mess? The whole chorus is sung entirely by Milian
Take a listen;

JLO and Ja Rule have alot of chemistry, yes, it seems Ashanti & Ja Rule have more
Mess? Ashanti sings the whole chorus on this remix
Take a listen;

Get Right was a big hit for Henny, tons of awards and chart accolades
Mess? She took the instrumental right from King of R&B Usher
Take a listen;

Oooh, I'm Real is probably Jennifer's signature song, maybe because she says the N word, maybe not
Mess? Ashanti is singing that chorus, not JLO
Take a listen;

Remember Bennifer? Yup they had a semi iconic video with Jenny From The Block
Mess? JLo took the song from an unknown
Take a listen;

Waiting for tonight might be one of the most iconic gay songs ever and certainly helped Jen cement her place in music
She stole it from another unknown groupe
Take a listen;

I know the puerto rican gays will have you believing she's Madonna rolled around in adobo but she's truly has more of a kleptonce track record with her singles
Mess? Indeed

Favorite JLo songs?