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RUPERT GRINT (Ron Weasley) stuff

"The possible return of Chris Columbus to the series?

Last week, we had the opportunity to speak with Julie Walters and Jeremy Brock about their new film, Driving Lessons. Because of some scheduling and his shooting schedule, Rupert Grint was unable to make it then.

But fear not, Rupert flew in from the Harry Potter set in London to speak with about his first starring role in Driving Lessons. We spoke about working with his Potter co-star, Julie and playing a character based on the life of writer/director, Jeremy.

In Driving Lessons, Rupert plays a young man who starts working for a former actress; he’s then torn between staying by her side or being confined to his house with his over-protective mother (Laura Linney).

Then, we got to talking about The Order of the Phoenix. He told us about how the Weasley’s are much more involved in this film. And he even mentioned the return of Chris Columbus as director to the series for the 6th and 7th film."

Video interview where Rupert talks about Driving Lessons and OOTP HERE!

PS: A report yesterday stated that JK Rowling signed a letter of intent to Disney concerning plans for a Harry Potter theme park. Today, a representative for Jo informed us that there is no truth to this.

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