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Top 100 Women in Pop Culture: Part 2

I just want to reiterate that these are not ranked, just listed randomly, and that is only part 2 of 5 so there's still 60 women coming up. Part 1 is here.


And we’re back! We had a very positive response to the first part of our multi-part series of the female characters who are especially awesome. If you missed the first 20 entries in the list you can read it here. Hopefully you’ll find more of your favourites on the list this week, and have more you hop to see in future instalments! Comment below on who you’re still waiting for!


First Appearance: Red Dead Redemption (2010). Voiced by Kimberly Irion.

Who is She?: One of the first people John Martson meets in his epic adventure during the twilight years of the Old West. Bonnie runs the ranch owned by her elderly father, seeing off bandits, rounding up stray cattle and holding strong in dire times.

Why She’s Great: We wish we had more characters from video games on this list, but Bonnie goes a long way to making up for that. Born decades ahead of her time, Bonnie is a highly independent figure maintaining authority in a time where a woman’s place was in the home. Not that she’s a political idealist, she’s just doing what is needed. Bonnie has six brothers, five succumbed to the dangers of the frontiers and the remaining one has become a banker, leaving Bonnie to run the ranch and maintain the house or let it crumble. Although there are clearly unspoken feelings towards Marston, she respects his marriage and prioritizes her livelihood, avoiding many damsel in distress cliches (although she does get kidnapped at one point).


First Appearance: Detective Comics #359

Who is She?: Barbara is the daughter (or sometimes niece) of Gotham’s Commissioner Gordon who joins Batman’s crime-fighting family and goes from brilliant student to high-flying Batgirl to mastermind Oracle and back to a caped crusader.

Why She’s Great: Barbara Gordon is one of the most recognizable female faces of the comic-book world. The redhead was one of the first major female players in the game and early on showed us that girls can do anything boys can do. She was an inspiration back in the 60’s and even more so in the 80’s when, after being shot and paralyzed by the Joker, she became a symbol of a kickass superhero with a disability. Barbara is incredibly intelligent and her relationship with Batman and the bat-family (including her romance with Dick Grayson) is realistic and multi-faceted. She has the perfect mix of spunky athleticism and sweet every-woman that makes her relatable to comic book readers (especially young girls). Even after she’s back to being Batgirl with the reboot, Babs shows us that you can still be uncertain of yourself and be a strong and confident woman.


First Appearance: ‘The Addams Family’ cartoons in The New Yorker by Charles Addams. First appearance on television in the 1964, portrayed by Lisa Loring, and in cinemas in 1991, portrayed by Christina Ricci.

Who is She?: The eldest child and only daughter to Morticia and Gomez Addams, a wealthy and macabre family living in the modern suburbs (albeit in a gothic mansion). Dark, sadistic and menacing, she cares for her family and is passionate about her hobbies.

Why She’s Great: Although many different actors have provided the voice and face for Wednesday the definitive version is played by Christina Ricci in the 1991 movie and the sequel The Addams Family Values. Her calm stare and cold demeanor are unsettling enough, but the matter-of-fact way she talks about serial killers, Salem witch trials and her own aspirations towards torture and murder makes her doubly entertaining. When she’s sent on camp with overly cheerful counsellors and chirpy teens it’s every bit as fun as you’d expect.


First Appearance: Vikings Season 1. Portrayed by Kathryn Winnick.

Who is She?: Lagertha is a famous shield-maiden who fights alongside her husband, Ragnar Lothbrok, the most powerful Viking warrior and raider, when not being mother to their children.

Why She’s Great: She is an undeniable badass. She might not be physically imposing, but she surely makes up for it with a big heart and keen skills. She won’t take shit from anyone, including her own husband. She is stern but loving in her parenting, compassionate as a ruler, and a valiant as a warrior. It is actually quite difficult to find a fault here.


First Appearance: Captain Marvel #14

Who Is She?: Kamala Khan is the latest lady to take the mantle of Captain Marvel. She is a teenage Pakistani American from New Jersey with shapeshifting abilities who takes over the name from her idol Carol Danvers.

Why She’s Great: The first obvious answer here is that Kamala Khan is a Muslim American woman as one of the most beloved Marvel heroes. This is a landmark in comic diversity and is important especially in today’s political climate to fight back against discrimination. She’s also still a teenager, which means she deals with the typical issues that all teenage girls do (minus having superpowers of course). Kamala Khan is not only a landmark in diversity but a well-rounded and well-written character that you can’t help but love.

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