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American Horror Story: Finn Wittrock and Ryan Murphy on Dandy and Twisty's bond

In an interview, Finn Wittrock discussed his character Dandy Motts from American Horror Story: Freak Show. "We talked about a kid who’s incredibly wealthy but emotionally stunted at a certain age, and we’ll learn that there was some trauma in his youth — and also that there might be a bit of incest happening. We’ll also learn that maybe, more broadly to say, psychosis runs in the family."

On Dandy's relationship with Twisty, Wittrock said "He becomes very enamored by the clown and becomes his acolyte. The clown basically becomes his role model for life. He wants to be him. And he might succeed to a degree."

Wittrock also praised Twisty's portrayer John Carrol Lynch, and revealed that "you’ll find in Episode 4 that there is a human side to the clown. We will learn his backstory, and we’ll actually see a sort of humanity in him. That won’t cease to make him the scariest character on television, but I think you’ll understand how he got that way."

In a separate interview, series creator Ryan Murphy talked about why Dandy is so enamoured with Twisty. "He finally meets somebody who to him is the equivalent of a movie star and in his twisted, warped mind represents somebody who lives by his own rules. I think Dandy is a rebel and I think he looks at the clown as a rebel. The clown has his own schedule. He’s got that tricked out bus. I think Dandy thinks that clown is a rock star."

Murphy also talked about the scene where Dandy tried joining the freak show, saying "I sort of think that if the freak show would have accepted him and he would have had an outlet I don’t think he would become what he’s going to become. So I think that Evan’s character is partially responsible for what’s going to happen in a weird way."

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