Nelly Furtado update post


Working with producer Duke Dumont:

According to Duke Dumont ("100%", "I got you"):

An interesting one at the moment — we’re doing some stuff in the very early stages — is Nelly Furtado. I love her. With Nelly Furtado, you could write a hit record that would actually be good. There’s not many artists like that in the pop music world. With other singers, it would be a more generic track. With Nelly Furtado, I think you could actually do something quite interesting."

(Also, check out the mashup between his own "Won't look back" & "Give it to me" here)Featuring on Emmanuel Jal's new song, "Scars":
Attending "The Good Lie" Premiere
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Timbo also post a pic with Nelly on his Instagram - hint for a new collab?
with Fergie Ferg & Gwen's comebacks, it's time for a Nelly Furtado appreciation post!  ONTD, do you think Nelly can make a comeback too? Who should she work with for the next album?