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Jai Courtney wanted to legitimately punch Miles Teller

I saw Miles Teller recently said that he took on his role for "business reasons." That the project made him feel "dead inside"?

Did he? [Laughing and clapping] That
's brilliant. Listen, I can relate to what he's saying. I also know Miles very well. He's a very good friend of mine. He's an interesting brand, you know? It's like, I wanted to legitimately punch him for a couple of weeks when I first met him. He's not there to make sure you understand his brand of comedy. It's like you either get it or you don't. And if you don't, you think he's a dick. And he's not! At all. But it's a very specific tone that he kind of operates under. But getting back to what he said, I didn't see his comments, but I understand. I think there is a strategy to all of us who have experiences taking on the small parts because of the exposure you get off something like that. I mean, money comes into play, but it isn't like any of us are making millions yet.

What's your go-to dish?

I think that's bullshit. I don't have a "go-to" dish

Okay, what if you came over to my place and I had, um, some Nutella, some old turkey, some mustard, and a nectarine. Could you Quick Fire Challenge something? (*SKKKRT* pump your breaks, sisT!)

Yeah. Easy. We'd dip the turkey in the mustard. And we'd dip the nectarine in the Nutella. That's a fucking main and a dessert right there. That's like all five food groups.

Rest of the interview and more pics at the SOURCE


Do y'all cook? Exercise? Secretly want to punch your friends? Let's talk about it.

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