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The Knick: [NY Post] Clive Owen interview + Vinyl soundtrack news

Clive Owen on his ‘The Knick’ character: ‘He does some dreadful things’
Full interview here.

In the Season One finale of “The Knick,” airing Friday night on Cinemax, Thackery’s addiction has finally caught up with him.

As we’ve seen in previous episodes, cocaine supplies at hospitals are low due to a war in the Phillippines, causing a desperate Thackery to try to (unsuccessfully) distill the cocaine in Coca-Cola to get his fix.

As matters deteriorated, and his withdrawal symptoms increased, he broke into a pharmacy in the middle of the night — and eventually had to excuse himself from the surgical theater in the middle of an operation.

Owen, 50, was in his glory throwing himself into these scenes. “To be honest with you, it was enjoyable to see how far we could push it rather than shy away from it,” he says. “Thackery does some dreadful things by the end of the season.”

One of his most heinous acts is his active corruption of the young nurse, Lucy Elkins (Eve Hewson), who is in love with him.

After a couple of tumbles in bed, which include the use of cocaine as an aphrodisiac, she’s lying to get into other hospitals to steal drugs for Thackery.

“I don’t think he’s thinking about her,” Owen says. “She’s a complete mess.”

Owen listens to a list of Thackery’s sins — which include visits to a Chinatown opium den — with a throaty, sinister laugh, knowing that the series, which is produced and directed by Steven Soderbergh, has struck a nerve with viewers.

“I wasn’t particularly looking to do a 10-hour television series, but I’d never read a leading character like that,” he says. “And I thought it would be a real challenge to navigate your way through a series like this. It was a very original take and this period in the world of medicine was a crucial time.”


Owen, who lives in London with his wife and two daughters, has read the first five scripts of Season 2, scheduled to go into production next year.

“We’re already working towards Thackery’s recovery,” he says.

And what about Thackery’s future with Nurse Lucy?

“You’ll have to wait,” he says.

Aching for more of The Knick?

The series’ vinyl soundtrack becomes available Dec. 23, featuring original artwork by Kilian Eng and previously unreleased material.

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Want, tbh. Also, consider this a pre-finale post: speculations/predictions for tomorrow night's ep?
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