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Bob the Builder Gets a Reboot + Revamp

Bob the Builder’s new digital make-over has resulted in a storm of online controversy, with appalled fans of the hard-hatted handyman taking to twitter to vent their anger.

Bob’s creator Curtis Jobling has also chimed in, declaring "my original designs captured children all over the world," and "if it's not broke, don't fix it."

Fans tweeted: ‘looks like he drinks Carling and votes Ukip,' and ‘he doesn’t look old enough to hold any kind of qualification”, whilst another remarked, ‘Can we fix it? NO. No we can’t’ and ‘HE DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE BOB’.

Bob’s fresh new look comes in the wake of the shows’ newly commissioned TV series, set to start next year.

Fans were left feeling discombobulated after news emerged that not only was the much-loved bob in for a makeover, but that the whole show was in a complete overhaul.

Bob the Builder first appeared in 1998 and originally used stop-motion animation; however producers are keen to bring the cartoon up to date with the digital era, announcing that the series will be computer-generated from now on.

more @ source

I have been laughing at the tweets ALL day.

Tags: animation, cartoon / children's show, reboot / remake / revival

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