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Dhani Harrison on His Father's Incredible Vaults

"I've been dying to get to this for about ten years," Dhani claims.

Like his father, the late Beatles guitarist George Harrison, Dhani Harrison is a musician. He made his professional debut on his dad's last studio album, Brainwashed, issued after George's death in 2001. Now 36, Dhani composes film scores and is half of a band, the newno2 (...) Unlike his father, Dhani is – with his mother, Olivia – a caretaker. Since George's passing, Dhani has been active in the archiving and release of his father's solo legacy. When Dhani and I spoke for a recent news story about the new box in Rolling Stone, we covered more ground than space allowed. What follows is a longer, deeper walk through the opening chapters of George Harrison's career apart from and beyond the biggest band in pop history.

The studio chatter at the front is fascinating – you hear George's interaction with the players, translating his ideas into that setting.
The Indian musicians' way of doing it is spoken – all oral. That's the way it's passed down. There's a great count-in, where the Indian engineer is going "Abracadabra," instead of "1, 2, 3, 4." It's a cool bit of history. For someone who hasn't heard Wonderwall before but who knows "The Inner Light," this gives them a better idea of where that album fits into my father's history. That album is a missing link to the end of the Beatles.

How much worthy, unreleased material is in there? The CD of unreleased tracks issued with the documentary ["Early Takes, Volume 1"] was short but great.
I imagine there will be one of those at some point. But my dad was very conscious of people scraping the barrels. He hated that. I'm not obliged to anyone to put out stuff that is not up to what he would consider his standards. The scrutiny we get from fans and collectors is incredible. We release this stuff with love, and the first thing you read is, "Why haven't you got this on there?" Well, you don't know what it's like to do this. It's a thankless job. If you get it right, people go, "Wow, that's great." If you don't get it beyond what people expect, they go, "You've buggered up George Harrison."

I'm taking a couple of years off now. I'm going back to thenewno2, doing film scores and touring. I'm going back to the other side of my brain. If there is anything else by my dad, it won't just be a load of scraping. It will be interesting and totally different from this set.
This is the catalog. I feel like I got it to a very good place and my dad would be very happy with it. He was always very organized. He liked to get his ducks in a row.

Full Article: Rolling Stone
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