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Blake Lewis - "Retro Romance" music video

New video from his latest album, "Portrait Of A Chameleon."

"The video came together because of this amazing retro toy store in Sherman Oaks called Big Kid Collectable Toy Mall & Retro Store. Dave the owner was so kind to let me use the store for a day after hearing the song… It's really an amazing shop.

Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) has been a fan and friend for a while and he was really excited about the project and jumped on board. After he said yes, I reached out to my good friends Rick Malambri (Step Up 3) and asked if he would be down to play the rich, preppy, jerk boyfriend and Kaili Thorne as my love interest. As soon as everyone was on board my director Nick Pezzillo and I started hashing out the script and scenes.

For weeks I binged on everything 80's. John Hughes films, Yacht Rock, and some great music. By the time it came to shoot, we were ready for the retro."

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I know there's got to be a few Blake Lewis fans here! He's the only one I really kept up with from when I used to watch American Idol. It's too bad he isn't bigger, because all 3 of his albums are all really good. His latest one he put out independently earlier this year.

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