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Lady Gaga Talks Feminism and What it Means to Her

It sounds like the answer would be obvious, but you never know with this compelling, contrary-Mary artist. So let’s ask the question: does Gaga call herself a feminist? And, if so, what does being a feminist mean to her?

“Yes,” she replies firmly and immediately. “I’m certainly a feminist. A feminist to me is somebody that wishes to protect the integrity of women who are ambitious. A feminist in my opinion is somebody that regards that women have a strong intelligence and wisdom. That we are just as great as men — and some of us can be even better.” She namechecks author/poet/civil rights campaigner Maya Angelou. “I can’t imagine that this woman wasn’t greater than some of the men of her time. “I want to fight for the female performer, the female artist, the female musician,” she states firmly. “This is the type of feminist that I am: that women can be tremendous artists.”

Her support for the musical sisterhood, though, only goes far. Ask her about any kinship with seeming peers such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, and her reply is distinctly cool. “I don’t think that I have anything to do with any of the artists that you just mentioned. I don’t mean that in a mean-intentioned way. However, I take a lot of pride in my musicianship and in the integrity behind my work. And I wish for, in the future, especially with this Tony Bennett album, for people to really see that I am much more than what has now become perceived as a marketing plan.

Lady Gaga spoke out about "awful" experiences at the start of her career, and admitted she was taken advantage of, both physically and emotionally, by men she worked with.

The controversial singer has revealed she was forced to fend off unwanted advances by men when she was first starting out in the music industry, and constantly made to feel "uncomfortable".

Speaking to The Times, the singer said: "I've had really awful experiences with men in the studio. Made me very uncomfortable. I didn't feel like I was being cherished for my vocal talents but was seen more as someone to take advantage of."

When asked if their advances were of a sexual nature, she replied: "Yes. And I don't have to elaborate, but when women who are in the business that are young read this article I hope (they realise) that you do not have to put up with that.

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