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pacific rim II teaser image released.

The Pacific Rim Movie Twitter just released a new still from what looks to be Pacific Rim II this morning. The sequel is not scheduled to be released until 2017, but it looks like they're ready to start giving out glimpses already.

This comes with rumors that a Godzilla crossover is possible.

From Air Herald:
Guillermo Del Toro has said that he is working on a script for Pacific Rim 2 and that the main actor in the first movie, Charlie Hunnam, has read what’s left of the script so far and that he’s really excited for the movie. Hunnam also said that he is unsure of what will happen with Pacific Rim 2, saying that it’s hard to get really excited for a movie until you are actually on the set filming it.

He also said that the suits seem very excited about the movie. There haven’t been any spoilers posted about Pacific Rim 2, but some critics are speculating that a crossover with Godzilla could happen in the future. This is because Pacific Rim and Godzilla are both produced by the same company, Legendary Pictures. Godzilla recently came out earlier this year, and also was a successful motion picture.

source, source source
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