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Saw Producers Say 'It's Time' for a New Film

Saw is making its return to theaters for one week only beginning October 31st. The occasion? Believe it or not, it’s the 10th anniversary. And today, following a press conference for the film, I sat down with producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules to reflect on the series. Inevitably, the discussion led to the “future of Saw.” Since the seventh and “final” chapter, buzz of an eighth film has been omnipresent in the Internet press, however, the producers have never commented on it. Would it be a sequel? A reboot? Both a sequel and a reboot with someone else carrying on Jigsaw’s legacy? None of that has been decided, but both Burg and Koules believe the time is right to get the ball rolling on another film and it sounds like series creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell might be along for the ride.

“James and Leigh…when Saw came out they were so afraid of being ‘the Saw guys’,” Koules told Shock Till You Drop, “and they were trying to make their own mark. Now that they’ve made their own mark, they’re very comfortable to come back. We’re getting there. James and Leigh are absolutely going to put their mark on it.”

“Who knows?” Burg said, adding with a tinge of hope, “We’re getting closer.”

“It’s one of the reasons we agreed to do this again,” Koules continued, referring to the first Saw‘s return to theaters. “We kind of wanted to build it up. Our goal is to go to Comic-Con, not next summer but the summer after [2016] with our heads up saying, ‘Here we go.’ James and Leigh are comfortable with the success they’ve had. And it’s time. James is in post on his movie. Leigh’s on post on [Insidious Chapter 3]. Everyone has time and it’s time.”


Are you ready for more Jigsaw?
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