Jane (avilewoman) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Follow-up on K-Fed'S WWE debut

It all starts with a smugass walk down the ramp.

Meeting with Johnny Nitro and Melina the screeching barn owl

Possibly predicting his future album sales?

Oh shit son someone's coming down the ramp.

Oh look, another overhyped white boy (and star of The Marine), John Cena!

I assume he's rapping about something here. I don't know. I don't want to know.

But at least he's making sure there are no more future K-Feds.

*is ded*

*still ded*

And he's taken out like a little pussy.

Steve-O and Chris Pontius of Jackass fame get a talking to from resident Cuban stereotype, ARRRMANDOOOOOO ALEJAAAANDRRROOO ESTRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRADA.

His Samoa Joe rip-off, Umaga, takes care of Chris Pontius first...

Then goes straight for the real jackass.

Poor thing. Want a cookie?

Bet he wishes he got bitten in the nuts by a baby alligator instead.

I didn't actually watch the show, though I did happen to catch a glimpse of K-Fed getting pwned after watching Heroes (!!!), and it was funny. I must admit, as much as I dislike the WWE now, I'm happy for their press coverage if only for the slight hope that it will turn people to other, much better companies. WWE ain't the only game in town, and it's sad that most people associate wrestling with the sensationalistic crap that WWE puts out.

source: wwe.com
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