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"Madame Bovary" Red Carpet Arrivals at the 58th BFI London Film Festival, October 11th, 2014

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIsEve_tix_COl_zpseb986b09.jpg

Director Sophie Barthes, producer Joe Neurauter, actor Mia Wasikowska, festival director Clare Stewart and actors Laura Carmichael and Luke Tittensor attend the red carpet arrivals of "Madame Bovary" during the 58th BFI London Film Festival at Odeon West End on October 11, 2014 in London, England.

Mia Wasikowska - Emma Bovary

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIliTdkIJp4Oml_zps360ed5c1.jpg

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFICepnT0RrWMll_zps4abec157.jpg

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIK6o6tIOTrzgl_zpsd4fe2689.jpg

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIQCeNWAqtVenl_zps324a081a.jpg

Laura Carmichael - Henriette

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIX6QlxDhIgArl_zpsd64131fa.jpg

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIljqHnZAnvxGl_zps98c4897e.jpg

Luke Tittensor - Hippolyte

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIj204YG6WpIrl_zps6b0ed25d.jpg

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIT5djpqr05oel_zps5934abd9.jpg

Sophie Barthes, Director

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIYDDn-digpJHl_zps5599dadd.jpg

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIa-_itn3PVbEl_zps17a0b382.jpg

 photo MadameBovaryRedCarpetArrivals58thBFIRZVSveSzSevl_zps8651be57.jpg


Posting because 1) no one else did and 2) today's Mia's birthday! <3 (October 14th, 1989) She turns 25 today. I think she looks great in these photos.

Not sure where everyone else is... I'm assuming Ezra Miller is filming The Stanford Prison Experiment. Haven't seen him in a while, although I saw on Tumblr that he cut his hair short and has some facial hair... lol. And I think Mia is still filming Alice In Wonderland 2, right?

By the way, what happened to the 'select tag' list to tag posts?
Tags: actor / actress, adaptations, british celebrities, film - drama, film - festival, film director, red carpet and event

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