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caittt !!!

letter from new york to her friends. lolz.

if this was already posted, well tooty fuckin' fruity. sry.

Dear Friends,

I realize many of you tuned in for the final episode last night and I can't help but feel so blessed to have your unconditional love and support. I can proudly say that NY fans are among the most intelligent, diverse, top-notch group of people out there. NY fan's have an understanding of how reality TV works and know what's going to happen next, even before it is aired.

Please remember that the taping of the final episode was
5 months ago, just like in Flavor of Love 1. I did have a little trip, but that was very short lived. For those of you who know my character, I am very calculating with my career and recover quite quickly from life's mishaps. Since Flavor of Love, I have moved on to even "bigger and better things". I am very excited about the secret projects that I have been working on these past months and I hope you guys will be there with me for the ride!

There are a lot of "under the table" secrets when it comes to reality TV. That is just the nature of the industry and it should be taken for entertainment purposes only. We all know reality can be distorted, especially where a lot of money is involved. There are so many secrets about this industry I wish I could reveal, however, I am still bound by contract to keep my mouth shut.

One thing is for sure. The love and support from my fans is more important to me than winning a reality TV show. I would rather be in my position right now than both the winners from Flavor of Love 1 & 2. Making quick dollars through club promoting and hosting parties in not really my thing. I am more interested in the long haul and it is my intention to be around for a very long time.

There is a saying in life that goes "sometimes the winner isn't the one that walks away with the crown." This quote is very fitting for me, as you will all see in the coming months.

Love Always,



im still debating if that really is her myspace? y/n?
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