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This is a George Harrison Post

IN THE CURRENT issue of MOJO, esteemed scribe Mat Snow delves deep into the weird, wired and wonderful world of George Harrison in the 1970s. With his early solo albums on Apple collected in a new box set, there’s never been a better time to explore the reluctant Beatle’s confounding catalogue.

And as an audio-visual companion, we’ve unearthed 10 clips that reveal the sweet highs and bitter lows of the Quiet One’s most contradictory decade, from his sashaying live solo debut at the Concert For Bangladesh in August 1971 and rare footage of his ill-starred 1974 US tour, to quirky wonders such as Harrison providing a guided tour of his Friar Park mansion in the Crackerbox Palace promo video and performing The Pirate Song on Python Eric Idle’s Rutland Weekend Television show.

If Not For You
Concert For Bangladesh Rehearsal

MOJO SAYS: This is just lovely, Bob Dylan and George Harrison rehearsing for The Concert For Bangladesh with the Bob song that George covered on All Things Must Pass. What’s especially nice about this is how the two versions merge, the points where Dylan appears to be doing a George impersonation (and vice versa) and those moments where the two appear to be looking at each other, marvelling that this is even happening at all.

The Pirate Song
Rutland Weekend Television Show, Christmas 1975

MOJO SAYS: According to Mat Snow’s George article in this month’s MOJO, this might even be Harrison’s most pivotal ’70s recording, the point at which George obliged his friend Eric Idle and appeared on the ex-Python’s Rutland Weekend Television show as a peg-legged and parrot-shouldered corsair, and singing his own composition, The Pirate Song. It was the first inkling of a new career working with the Pythons in film production and a possible yah-boo to Eric Clapton who, says Neil Innes, “always wanted to come on stage with a stuffed parrot on his shoulder”.

Tony Wilson interview Granada Reports, 1976

MOJO SAYS: For the release of Harrison’s seventh studio album, Thirty Three & 1/3 (Harrison’s age upon release) the Granada Reports Tony Wilson interview Granada Reports, 1976
presenter and future Factory Records boss takes George and the Stones to task for being “too old”. Harrison counters by explaining that “Sinatra’s got 50-year-old fans”. The clip also includes Harrison’s plans to “retire into a little shack, like a hermit”. The interview was preceded by a wonderful sequence in which George watches his younger self in The Beatles (“I gave that guitar away”).

Celebs Salute George Harrison at George Fest

Watch Brian Wilson, Weird Al, Conan Salute George Harrison at George Fest. Wayne Coyne, Ann Wilson, Norah Jones, Brandon Flowers, Perry Farrell and Dhani Harrison also appear to honor former Beatle

Dozens of famous musicians gathered this last weekend to honor the legacy of George Harrison at an event aptly named George Fest: A Night to Celebrate the Music of George Harrison. The event, which featured performances by the likes of Brian Wilson, Norah Jones and more, was one of many tributes to the Beatle, whose first six solo albums were recently compiled in a new box set, The Apple Years 1968-75. The highlight was former Beach Boys Wilson and Al Jardine taking on "My Sweet Lord" with help from Heart's Ann Wilson and Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne.

George Fest, which also featured performances by "Weird Al" Yankovic, Harrison's son Dhani, and members of the Killers, Spoon, Velvet Revolver and more, took place on September 28th at Los Angeles' Fonda Theatre. The show doubled as a benefit for the Jameson Neighborhood Fund, which raises money for local charities. One hundred percent of ticket sales for George Fest went to Sweet Relief, a charity that aids career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet.

In addition to the performances below, Spoon's Britt Daniel and Alex Fischel teamed up with Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd for Let It Be's "I Me Mine," Ben Harper took on "Give Me Love (Peace on Earth)" from Living in the Material World and Heart's Ann Wilson recruited Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum for the All Things Must Pass track "Beware of Darkness."

Leading up to the event, Conan O'Brien – who made an unannounced appearance at George Fest – showcased many of the performers on his talk show for what he had dubbed George Harrison week. On various nights, Norah Jones sang "Behind That Locked Door," from All Things Must Pass, Dhani performed "Let It Down" and "Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)," from the same record, Paul Simon covered "Here Comes the Sun" and Beck had fun with "Wah Wah," also from All Things Must Pass.

The box set, which Dhani oversaw, also came out last week. In addition to the six Harrison albums that Apple Records released, it included a number of previously unheard recordings. A notable one was "This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)," which features guest appearances by Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, Dhani, Kara DioGuardi and, on drums, Ringo Starr.

Similarly, George Fest attracted some star-studded performances. Here are some highlights

BONUS THROWBACK: Old Man George tries to internet, hilarity ensues

George Harrison Yahoo! Chat Transcript - 02/15/2001

yahoomusic asks: Do you surf the internet much? What types of things do you do online?
george_harrison_live: No, I never surf
george_harrison_live: I don't know the password.

rbortega2001 asks: What did you think of Bob Dylan getting nominated for an Oscar?
george_harrison_live: I think he should win it!
george_harrison_live: I think he should win ALL the Oscars
george_harrison_live: all the Tonys
george_harrison_live: all the Grammys

hari_girl asks: What do you think of Eminem's grammy nomination?
george_harrison_live: What's Eminem?
george_harrison_live: Aren't they choclates or something?

spongeweed70508 asks: Does Paul still piss you off (tell us the truth)
george_harrison_live: Scan not a friend with a microscopic glass -- You know his faults -- Then let his foibles pass.
george_harrison_live: Old Victorian Proverb.
george_harrison_live: I'm sure there's enough about me that pisses him off, but I think we have now grown old enough to realize
george_harrison_live: that we're both pretty damn cute!

Source 1
Source 2

What do you think of Eminem's grammy nomination?
george_harrison_live: What's Eminem?
george_harrison_live: Aren't they choclates or something?

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