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Louis Tomlinson often wears unwashed underwear

Louis talks about the possibility of tying the knot during an interview in One Direction’s new concert movie, Where We Are. Tomlinson isn’t against the idea of marriage, but he thinks Eleanor Calder might not want to marry him because of a very dirty habit — according to Unreality TV, Louis Tomlinson often wears unwashed underwear. like, EW!

“I’ll wear them [my underwear] today and then tomorrow if I have to… I’ll probably never get married now after that.”

When Louis Tomlinson called One Direction “little scumbags,” apparently he meant that he and his band mates are literally covered with scum.

You’d think that the members of One Direction would never run out of clean underwear — Louis makes enough money that he could wear a new pair every day if he wanted to. However, Tomlinson and his band mates can only bring a limited amount of clothing with them while they’re touring. According to Sugarscape, Harry Styles said that he likes to get underwear and socks for Christmas because he always runs out of them on the road. The boys have nowhere to wash their dirty tighty whities while they’re touring, and it’s not like they can waltz into a laundromat like everyone else.

To make matters worse, Zayn Malik has admitted that he steals his band mates’ clothing.

“I steal everyone’s stuff,” Zayn revealed. “I can never be bothered, like, taking a big suitcase. I nick all the other boys’ clothes.” So even if Louis Tomlinson does bring fresh underwear with him, there’s a chance that Malik will end up dirtying them up.

Louis could always try Niall Horan’s foolproof method for never running out of clean underwear — simply don’t wear them. According to Now Magazine, Niall is a fan of going commando, or, as he calls it, being “free and easy.”

Unfortunately for Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson’s dirty underwear habit isn’t his only hygiene problem. According to MTV News UK, Niall Horan once said that Louis’ feet smell so bad that everyone starts gagging whenever he takes his shoes off on One Direction’s tour bus. Horan speculated that Tomlinson’s tootsies have such a putrid stench because he doesn’t wear socks, so perhaps Louis needs to take a page from Harry Styles by asking Eleanor for nothing but socks and underwear for Christmas.

In addition to his terrible odor, Calder also has to put up with Tomlinson’s diva behavior. The singer was recently photographed being carried off of One Direction’s plane via piggyback. Unfortunately for the guy carrying Louis, he wasn’t wearing any shoes (but at least he had on a pair of socks).


Be honest, how often do you change your underwear ontd???
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