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Nothing gold can stay.

Spoilers from E!'s Kristen

Despite rumors that Evangeline and her real-life squeeze Dominic Monaghan are engaged (mum's the word on that), I can tell you that Evangeline dons this pretty little white dress for a scene in an upcoming episode of Lost.

So, who's the groom?

She's going to be forced to marry the creepy Head Other, Ben!!

Just kidding. Hee! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

The real answer has to do with the exclusive scoop I broke to you last week: Nathan Fillion (Buffy, Firefly) has signed on to Lost for at least two episodes this season.
Remember how I told you Nathan is going to be playing someone who is very close--and "possibly legally bound "--to our beloved Kate?
Well, if so, you should be able to put two and two together...and realize that Kate has a whole hubbylicious past we have yet to see.
What are Sawyer and Jack going to say?!

Who will Kate choose?

Kristen says:
"It’s kinda sorta a little obvious, no? Sorry, I know many of you fans don’t want to hear that! But it’s the truth. Feel free to vent your frustrations in the comments below, my loves."

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!. Do feel free to vent, Jate fans. Let me lick your tears ;)

Upcoming Events (Spoilers, durf):
-Locke has a lot in common with some people you wouldn’t expect.
-A character we saw twice in the season premiere returns.
-Carlton and Damon confirm that Karl *is* an other but *not* a plant.
-We will find out by episode 6 why Karl was in a cage.
-Ms. Klugh will be back.
-There will be an Others flashback later in the season that shows the residential area before 815 crashed.

Who is getting fired on "The Office"?

Jan's going to get very suspicious of Michael’s ridiculous behavior very soon and will ask Pam to make note of how he spends his average work day. Not even Pam can save him, and Michael might actually lose his job. Eeek!

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