Elizabeth (ecctv) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Now, I was going to try to put these in order and grouped, but there are too many, so just look and ~enjoy~

Jon Stewart

Amy Poehler, Will Forte, Paul Rudd and Amy Sedaris

Moby, kickin out the jams

Martin Short punching Kristin Chenoweth

Jack Black is known for singing in shiny shirts

Jimmy Fallon as a Gibb

Ricky Gervais who ended his bit saying "Steve Carell will be out next doing basically the same thing but better and get paid more"

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Comedy Central's Golden Boys


Stephen and Jon (go crazy now, fan girls)

Mike Myers

Mike Myers and Jon

Jerry Seinfeld did a big about how ~crazy~ cell phones are

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, an amazing team

Mr Show <3 <3

Bob and David

No such thing as too many pictures of them

Fred Armisen as Prince

Prince is Funkay

Triumph begs Sinbad to come back

It was a night of Too Many Stars, and Chris Meloni was that star too many :/
(dedicated to despedida)

Chris and Jon

Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet. GOULET

Martin Short and Jon Stewart

Will Forte and Fred Armisen killing time

Boys will be boys

Stephen Colbert GENEROUSLY donated 50 bucks. But the cost of the big check he used was 75 dollars so of course, the Autism charity owes him 25. Its only fair

Martin Short

This was an amazing even that raised a lot of money. ~shout out to my ontd_d buddies from the post last night~

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