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Grimes shares lessons on how to be a boss

Grimes wrote an essay for the upcoming Rookie Yearbook Three, a Rookie Magazine publication that will release October 21st. In it, Grimes provides some life lessons and general pointers on how to be an all-around badass female musician and businesswoman. Read excerpts from the essay and what we’ve learned courtesy of Elle, below.

1. Grimes is a boss.
“Something I didn’t realize when I started making music was that any entrepreneurial endeavor involves hiring people, creating a company, and becoming a businessperson. So, while you may know me as a musician, in practice I am also a boss. I’m the CEO of two companies, Grimes Creative Corp and Fairy Tour Corp, and I just started Roco-Prime Productions with my brother. This is simultaneously very cool and very stressful. I’m definitely not the best or most experienced boss. I’m also a young, female boss, which can present a very particular set of practical and emotional challenges.”

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3. Be nice, but be mean too.
“Be nice to the people you work with. It is of utmost importance to treat people with kindness, because you want them to work hard and care about the thing you are building together. However, in order to get things done, sometimes you need to be mean. I’m really bad at this, but you absolutely need to let people know when something is unacceptable, or they’ll keep doing it and you’ll resent them and it creates bad vibes.”

5. Act like a boss, be a boss.
“Really, the most important thing is eliminating self-doubt. This is basically impossible for me, but I’ve found that if I act like a boss, I can convince myself that I am a boss when I need to be one. I copy things that I’ve seen politicians and actors do; I make eye contact with people; I try to keep my shoulders back and my head high; I gesticulate wildly and sometimes take long pauses (silence can be very intimidating). I try to act like I’m powerful, onstage and off.”

Read the list: Source
Read the full essay by Grimes: Source
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