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A list of 30 (5) male celebs who have gone full-frontal

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1) Ben Affleck
In “Gone Girl” (2014), Ben Affleck shows almost all in a shower scene. “The penis is in there!” Affleck told MTV. “It’s IMAX penis! You’ve gotta pay 15 bucks to see it in 3D. … It’s better in 3D.” -Everett Collection

2) Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard wasn’t shy about appearing nude in “True Blood” in 2013. He told Vulture, “That scene was just me on a rooftop in Hollywood — that’s where we shot it, with a green screen. And it was a very hot day, so I didn’t need the sock.” -HBO

3) Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender became a household name in 2011 when he bared all in “Shame.” Speaking of shame, he shouldn’t have any. -Everett Collection

4) Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen got naked in 1991’s “The Indian Runner” and in 2007’s “Eastern Promises,” where he fights off a gang of baddies while in the buff. (No wonder it earned him an Oscar nod.) -Everett Collection

5) Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor is pretty much a master at on-screen strip-downs. The actor appears nude in “Trainspotting” and “The Pillowbook” in 1996, “Velvet Goldmine” in 1998 and “Young Adam” in 2003. -Everett Collection

SOURCE: pagesix.com

which other male celeb would you like to see go full frontal, ontd? 🙈
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