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Gemma Ward’s first major comeback campaign is with Country Road

After her return to the runway with Prada’s spring/summer ’15 show, Ward’s next big project is with Australian brand Country Road.

“When the opportunity came to me, I contemplated it and thought it was a really beautiful first campaign for me to do back because I haven’t worked for a while and for me Country Road is such an iconic Australian brand that I grew up with,” said Ward exclusively over the phone to Vogue Australia. “I do feel a lot more confident in myself as a mother and being able to have my family close in this shoot helps a lot with my priorities and that sense of bringing all my worlds together.”

Ward’s experiences as a new mother also helped inform her decision to work with the brand on this particular campaign, which also included her daughter, Naia. “You get to see the world through their eyes and it makes you reflect on your childhood,” she remembers. “That’s why I thought this film would be such a beautiful time capsule for her to be a part of and share.”

The brief for the campaign evoked memories of childhood for Ward, and “growing up with that sense of Australian summer being so central to your life. Your whole year is kind of in anticipation of that time.”

Coinciding with Country Road’s 40th birthday, the campaign was photographed by Vogue regular Will Davidson at Whale Beach.

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